How Reiki therapy differs from other bioenergy therapies - and more

Reiki energy healing. Discover the power of health in your hands Feel the power of Reiki therapy!

Reiki is the ancient healing technique, which you can learn to help yourself and others to bring back health and revent diseases naturally.

Learn from this webpage, what is Reiki therapy, how you can use Reiki healing energy for your well-being, how the Reiki therapy differs from other bioenergy therapies, what are scientific proofs of the influence of Reiki energy on the health, and more.

You also can learn Reiki energy healing!

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What you will learn here:

1. What is Reiki therapy?

2. What Reiki energy is used for

3. What Reiki energy is not used for

4. What makes Reiki therapy different from other forms of bioenergy therapies

5. Scientific research related to the effects of Reiki therapy

6. Reiki in hospitals. Reiki-related scientific research

7. How to buy the e-book "Reiki energy healing - discover the power of health in your hands"

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What is Reiki energy

Download an example of a part of a chapter from the book Reiki energy healing

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This is part of one of chapters of the book by Marta Pyrchala: “Reiki healing energy. Discover the power of health in your hands”.

Reiki energy is the healing energy that fills the universe.
It is intelligent energy with its consciousness, like a living being.

Furthermore, Reiki is a positive force that serves only objectively reasonable purposes.
You can use Reiki energy in Reiki therapy.

Reiki therapy is a type of energy therapy performed by people with at least the first degree of Reiki therapy.

In Reiki therapy, the healer puts his hands on the appropriate parts of the client’s body.

Besides, the Reiki healer can place hands on the person’s etheric body. Then, the Reiki therapist sends Reiki energy to the relevant parts of the body by putting his hands over them.

Depending on its type, such a Reiki treatment may take about an hour.

You can use this therapy to treat various diseases and some emotional problems.
Moreover, it makes you resistant to diseases.
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What Reiki energy is used for

Marta Pyrchala writer and courses provider books In this section, I will introduce you to the following topics:

Reiki energy serves primarily to heal people.
In addition, it allows you to purify objects, food, drinks, and rooms from negative energy.

Also, it energizes them to be a source of strength for you.
Moreover, you can also transfer Reiki energy to plants and animals.

After the second degree of the Reiki therapy course, you can transfer the energy at a distance and in time. You can also send Reiki energy with the intention.

Intentional Reiki treatments are an exciting type of treatment, as you can use them to achieve many goals.
You will learn about why it is possible to influence at a distance and in time from a scientific point of view from the other parts of this book.
You will also learn practical examples of Reiki intentional treatments and their results.

In addition to the applications mentioned above of Reiki energy, there are others.
For example, I have also noticed that Reiki energy helps many people solve their emotional and personality problems.
Besides, Reiki supports their personal and spiritual development.
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What Reiki energy is not used for

Some people believe that Reiki energy serves to develop paranormal abilities.
Yes, by purifying and unlocking chakras, energetic Reiki initiations and treatments can activate a person’s latent powers.

However, this may be only an interesting side effect of energy purification, not its purpose.
Reiki therapy serves primarily to heal the sick and keep people healthy.

Moreover, with Reiki energy, you cannot achieve the wrong goals.
If, for example, someone would like to send Reiki energy to accomplish a plan that can negatively affect someone, the energy will not flow. Reiki energy is, therefore, an utterly safe force.

The fact is that you can use different energies for immoral purposes.
The simplest examples are the so-called curses, charms,"bad eye," and some unethical magic practices.

But then you don’t use Reiki. Instead, you use only your energy, for example, from a feeling of hatred or collected from the environment.
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What makes Reiki therapy different from other forms of bioenergy therapies

Reiki therapy is a treatment that varies from other types of bioenergy therapy. The fundamental differences are:

  • Reiki does not require special energy shields to protect against the sick person’s energy. For example, mesmerism has many recommendations related to the protection against the client’s negative energy.

  • Reiki energy strengthens the donor. All other bioenergy therapy methods exhaust the healer.

  • Reiki is an intelligent energy. However, intelligent energy is only used in this system and in advanced prana healing, where you can use the so-called"electric" purple prana.

  • Reiki energy cleanses, harmonizes and energizes. The intention of the healer determines the type of its effect.

  • Reiki energy flows as much as it is needed. Thanks to this feature, you don’t have to think about how long to keep your hands on the sick person and send energy. In other types of bioenergy therapy, you have to dose the energy carefully so that there is no over-energization, which is harmful to the body and the chakras.

  • You can use Reiki energy for intention.

  • Reiki energy goes where it is needed. It means that even if you put your hands on your head if your feet need it, the energy will also flow to your feet in a certain amount. The most significant flow of energy will, of course, occur through your head.

  • Reiki is the only therapy you can use safely, regardless of your psychophysical condition. It is convenient because, thanks to this property of Reiki, you can always heal with this energy. You can only perform all other energy therapies if you are in perfect physical health and a good mood.

  • Moreover, thanks to Reiki energy, you can not only heal yourself but also:
  • Heal others,
  • Harmonize the chakras,
  • Purify negative energy and energize things, drinks, food, rooms,
  • Help the plants,
  • Heal animals.

  • I am a representative of Reiki therapy, pranic healing, and traditional bioenergy therapy.
    But in light of the above, Reiki therapy is the best and safest form of bioenergy therapy.

    It is also the energy therapy most popular among clients. Moreover, with good training, you can learn it easily and quickly.
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    Scientific research related to the effects of Reiki therapy

    Reiki energy healing. Discover the power of health in your hands At one time, for example, at the hospital of the Institute of Neurological Sciences in Glasgow, scientists experimented.

    First, they collected a random group of people. Then, scientists divided these people into three subgroups.

    The first part received a Reiki treatment, the second a placebo procedure, which only pretended to be a therapy, and the third group of people lay down peacefully.

    The doctors examined people from the first two groups.
    They found that their heart rate was calming, and their blood pressure was falling.
    However, in the group that received Reiki, these changes represented a significantly higher percentage than in the latter.

    After examination of the persons from the third group, scientists didn’t find any changes in their organisms.

    Despite visible differences between the results of the first and second group, the doctors stated that the placebo effect causes the results of Reiki therapy!

    Fortunately, there are also many studies available from honest scientists.
    For example, doctors from Hartford Hospital in the USA performed the most significant number of experiments related to the study of the effects of Reiki therapy on the human body.
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    Reiki in hospitals. Reiki-related scientific research

    In 15% of hospitals in the USA (i.e., around 800), Reiki therapy is used as one of the treatment methods.
    It is gaining more support from doctors, nurses, and auxiliary medical staff. More and more hospital staff are also using Reiki courses to help their patients better.

    By the year 2000, Hartford Hospital in the United States had conducted over 57,000 experiments to study the effects of Reiki therapy on the body.

    As a result, doctors found that Reiki causes faster-wound healing and reduces pain.
    In addition, it helps to reduce stress and anxiety. It also improves the quality of sleep.

    Doctors have noted that treating Reiki patients before and after surgeries makes them not suffer from postoperative depression.
    Moreover, the organisms of people undergoing Reiki treatments do not reject transplanted organs.

    Moreover, according to these studies, Reiki improves the patients’ attitude to treatment and speeds up their recovery.
    It also reduces the adverse side effects of drugs, including the effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
    You can also use Reiki for AIDS, allergies, and heart attacks.

    Other research results at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut, show that Reiki therapy:

  • Improves the patient’s sleep quality by 86 per cent,
  • Reduces pain by 78 per cent,
  • Reduces nausea by 80 per cent,
  • Reduces anxiety during pregnancy by 94 per cent.

  • On the website of this hospital, you can find many charts related to Reiki therapy experiments, as well as tables and their interpretation.
    You will also find statements from doctors, nurses, and patients about Reiki therapy.

    If you want to know more about this, you can visit Hartford’s hospital website. Here is its address:
    Under this link, you will find hospital articles about Reiki therapy:

    The American doctors are on a yes to Reiki therapy. For example, Dr Cantwell said:"I have found that Reiki can help treat acute conditions such as organ damage, headaches, acute infections, and asthma. Reiki also benefits patients with chronic diseases, especially those associated with chronic pain.

    Other doctors and scientists, encouraged by interesting research results related to the effects of Reiki therapy, have performed similar experiments.

    For example, according to research by Karin Olson and John Hanson on Reiki therapy in chronic pain, Reiki can be of great importance in pain reduction, including cancer-related pain (1997,"Using Reiki to manage pain. Cancer prevention and control").

    Scientists examined twenty people between the ages of 23 and 62. They studied the scale of pain using the VAS and Likert methods.
    After one Reiki treatment, 17 participants on the VAS scale and 18 on the Likert scale felt relief.
    Below are the test results and their source: (...)
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