Here, you will get to know, what titles and topics of books I will release soon.

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Soon will be available the books oby Marta Pyrchala n following topics:

1. The power of mind - how to get health using your brain - theory and practice

2. Psychoneuroimmunology - how your mind affects your health

3. Mental techniques for health

4. Herbal medicine for everyone - in folk and Chinese medicine

5. Phitotherapy in fold and Chinese medicine

6. Healing food - how to use what you have in your kitchen for your health.

7. How to work with chakras

8. How to work with energies - aura, chakras and meridians

9. Huna in theory and practice - and how to make it effective

Reiki energy healing. Discover the power of health in your hands Heal your emotions with effective and tested mental techniques Younger for longer with anti-ageing Tibetan rituals and mental exercises Relax. Effective and tested mental and physical techniques to get rid of stress

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