Hello, I am Marta Pyrchala. I am a writer and courses provider since 2009.

On this webpage, you will find information about my education and courses I graduated.

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What you will find here:

My general education

My diplomas on general health and parts of classic medicine

My diplomas in energy healing ans other natural therapies

My diplomas and certificates on psychology, eduational skills and personal development

My certificates on science

My diplomas in cosmetology

My certificates on business, management, finances, marketing, selling and law

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My general education

Hi, I am Marta Pyrchala. I am a curious person and have many interests. That's why I studied several fields and participated in many trainings on various topics.

Below, you will find most of them.

I graduated from high school with a major in biology and chemistry.

I then studied physics at the University of Silesia daily.

On weekends, I attended a two-year cosmetology school and a one-year fitness course.

I then studied accounting at a two-year weekend school.

Later, I studied finance and accounting at Katowice's School of Banking and Finance.

At the same time, I attended a post-secondary school of natural medicine and participated in many trainings.
The list of these trainings is below.

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My diplomas on general health and parts of classic medicine

Dietetics in weight loss (no. 067/1)

Dietotherapy - nutrition of healthy and sick people, nutrition of healthy and sick children, diet in prevention of diseases

Food, nutrition and your health (human nutrition and health),

Introduction to Nursing in Healthcare,

Midwifery (midwifery) - The University of New Castle Business and Commerce Association,

The Human Body - Flinders University,

Understanding Common Diseases- University of Wollongong.

Additionally, I wrote a diploma work on Psychoneuroimmunology. On the base of the work are 3 my books and an online course.
The work was assessed by Mr L. Tucholski, a doctor in medical science.

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My diplomas in energy healing ans other natural therapies

Traditional bioenergotherapy - passed journeyman state examination (diploma no. 11802)

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki: all degrees, including master and teacher degrees

Kundalini Reiki - all levels including master degree

Gold Reiki - 1st degree

Basic and intermediate pranic healing (no.182/J.I.O/09)

Advanced pranic healing (no.48/J.I.O/09)

Pranic psychotherapy (no.16/J.I.O/09).

In addition, I belong to the National Guild of Radiests and Bioenergotherapists in Katowice (ID no.: 061).

Diploma of naturotherapist - it gives a number of qualifications in the field of natural medicine - I have completed a five-semester study (diploma no.: 000653)

Basic course in candle making and ear candling

Cone Master Hopi degree - diploma authorising me to conduct courses in ear candling and conching using the Hopi Indian method

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My diplomas and certificates on psychology, eduational skills and personal development

Personal skills

Interpersonal skills

Academy of teaching skills

BECOMING A CONFIDENT TRAINER (how to become a good trainer) - TAFESA Regional,

EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION (teaching children) - Gowrie Victoria,

TEACHING ADULT LEARNERS - Central Institute of Technology,

Education in a changing World,

Understanding the origins of Crimes (foundations of criminology) - Griffith University,

Human Recources,

Sociology (Sociology) - Western Sydney University,

Foundations of Psychology (Psychology) - RMIT University,

Silva method (no. 41663)


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My certificates on science

MOBILE ROBOTICS (robotics)- Swinburne University of Technology,

Criminology and Forensic Science,

Astronomy (astronomy) - Curtin University,

Microbiology and Forensic Science (Microbiology and Forensic Science)- Jordan University of Science and Technology,

Anthopology (anthropology) - MacQuarie University.

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My diplomas in cosmetology

Diploma confirming professional qualifications in the occupation of cosmetic services technician - it gives broad authorization to perform cosmetic procedures and massages. Diploma no. T/30015076/08.
My speciality is body treatments, including slimming treatments using the body wrapping method. Completed two years of studies, passed state examination (certificate no. 3993/2009/L).

Certificate authorising the performance of lymphatic drainage treatments, including the use of appropriate apparatus.

Diplomas of participation in courses of the cosmetic company producing Jadwiga professional cosmetics. These diplomas entitle me to carry out various cosmetic treatments, including those relating to body shaping and the use of exfoliating acids. From this company, I also hold a certificate of qualification to carry out various treatments.

Diploma of participation in a cosmetic congress and in the training course "Psychology and marketing".

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My certificates on business, management, finances, marketing, selling and law

(I am not currently professionally involved in the range of knowledge contained in the following courses, nevertheless I heartily recommend them to Parp Training)

Commercial negotiation in SMEs

How to grow your business Management systems in SMEs

Internet marketing and e-commerce in SMEs

Quality management in SMEs

Health and safety in the SME sector

Intellectual and industrial property protection

Market research

Marketing plan in SMEs


Sales and customer relationship management

Practical issues of public relations and marketing in SMEs

Business plan


How to set up your own business

Sales techniques

Personnel management

Managing a company in crisis

Finance for non-financial people

Career planning

Professional secretarial skills

Management skills

In addition, I hold a certificate of completion of a two-year degree course in accounting and finance (no. 3993/2009/2).

I have also attended around 40 training courses in English. The training courses were provided by Australian universities and Irish companies.

A full list of these can be found on my linkedin page. Among these trainings are topics such as:

Big Data for Better Performance,

Diagnosing the Financial Health of a Business - MacQuarie Graduate School of Management,

Entrepreneurship and Family Business)- RMIT University,

Financial Literacy - MacQuarie University,

Financial Planning)- TAFE NSW Sydney Institute,

Innovation for Powerful Outcomes) - Swinburne University of Technology,

Introduction to Enterprise Architecture - Enterprise Architects,

Leadership: Identity, Influence and Power (leading) - MacQuarie Graduate School of Management,

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution)- MacQuarie Graduate School of Management,


Principles of Project Management - Polytechnic West,

Strategic Management,

WRITING FOR THE WEB (writing text for websites),

User Experience for the Web,

Introduction in Business in Asia - Griffith University,

I have also undertaken other training courses. My business is registered with the relevant authorities.

I can provide receipts upon request.

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