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Welcome to the Astro Salus testimonials page!

If you have taken courses at Astro Salus, your testimonials can be posted here.

To protect your data, post your testimonial with your first name and the initial of your last name.
My thanks in advance.

Jacek A.: "I learned more with Marta than with any other teacher".

Anna K. "Marta is a nice woman and can teach a lot".

Elizabeth R. "I have taken several courses with Marta. There was a lot of practice on them, which is important for me".

Antoni S. "I couldn't believe this young person had such knowledge. I talked to her as if she were much older".

Barbara L. "Marta is a warm person with much knowledge and practice".

Jarek S. "Marta could be an outstanding coach. I recommend courses with her".

Monika J. "Marta is extremely competent, and there is a very friendly

Aleksandra K. "I love her book "Atlas amuletow i talizmanow"! It is the best guid I ever have read on the topic".

Jakub R. "Her book "Reiki discover the power of health" is so far the best book about Reiki I have read. There is many stories from life, exercises and information I couldn't find anywhere else."

Reiki energy healing. Discover the power of health in your hands Heal your emotions with effective and tested mental techniques Younger for longer with anti-ageing Tibetan rituals and mental exercises Relax. Effective and tested mental and physical techniques to get rid of stress

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