Here, you will get to know more about me - my interests, what I like to do, what I collect.

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Marta Pyrchala writer and courses provider books
I have had a wide range of interests since I was a child.

For many years, I have been involved in topics such as:

  • General health,
  • Natural medicine and elements of classical medicine (especially psychoneuroimmunology and biogerontology),
  • Esotericism,
  • Personal development,
  • Spiritual development,
  • Business,
  • Science, especially robotics and AI.

  • For this reason, I have completed over 350 courses in different countries.

    I also read lots of books. I have over 5000 books at home.
    Here is a list of some of these courses:

    In addition, I have also studied physics and finance, and accounting.

    I also write poetry and learn to sing.

    I also study foreign languages (I am Pole) because I want to become a polyglot.
    For now, I learn Spanish, French and Mandarin.

    I live in Bristol, in the UK.

    Marta Pyrchala writer and courses provider books - rose I grow plants. I especially like lilies and roses. On the photo is one of my roses.

    I also collect old prints and things related to Star Trek The Next Generation (my favourite character is Data).

    My books are about natural medicine, classical elements, esotericism and personal and spiritual development.
    You will also find books related to my personal experiences.

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